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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Member Brian D "RoÆther" Smith17/Male/United States Group :iconarmstrong-tribute: Armstrong-Tribute
R.I.P. Neil Armstrong
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3D models
Bell 47/H-13 by trainguy101
Boeing Triple 7 by trainguy101
B-58 Hustler by trainguy101
LZ-129 Hindenburg by trainguy101
Ford Trimotor by trainguy101
F-86 Sabre by trainguy101
»»»»»» Commissions are OPEN and FREE««««««

yup, free! all I ask is you watch me and spread the word about me, and if you really feel you want to pay, drop a few points in my tip jar :P

Basic, run-of-the-mill 3D art made my yours truly in Tremble Sketchup.

All models are painted and designed to your liking, IE, custom paint, tail numbers/license plates, house number, airline livery, and so forth

I will give you updates as I go (pictures of progress, etc.) as well as be in contact with you for most of the process. If something needs to be change half way through, I can do so.

Average time to complete depends on the complexity of the work as well my schedule and enthusiasm in it. On average I finish in about 2 weeks, give or take.

Things I WILL do
      »Et Cetera

      »Homes (if you want your home, I need blueprints, not just photos)
      »Et Cetera

      »Basic tools

»Things of your own design

»Things you want me to design

»Really any other inanimate objects
      »Et cetera, et cetera

Things that I will NOT do
»Living things or parts of living things
      »Fictional or mythical creatures

»Anything I couldn't get blueprints for
      »Ancient stuff like ruins and monuments
      »Old ships and vehicles (anything WWI or later should work)
      »Top secret military stuff

»Anything "explicit"
      »General rule is; if you wouldn't show it to your mom, its a no-go

If you have any questions, Either send me a note here or Email me at


...ya ya ya I'm still here-ish. Ive just been too busy (and by that i mean lazy) to write a journal every Friday... I mean who really reads them anyways, REALLY!

    Yes i am still doing them. I have just been a little to busy (this time i really mean busy and not lazy...although I am lazy too) to get a whole lot of work done on it...sorry...kinda...

    Yes i am still writing TGFW too. I have been in a little (huge) writers block and i am just starting to emerge from it. I had planed out a lot of the story up until this point during my summer as i was working as a sweeper at KI (Trust me, your brain is not doing much walking and sweeping, you can really think a lot of ideas while doing it), and so i sort of wrote myself into a block. But i am starting to emerge, beginning to plan the later chapters and pages.

    If you have fallen behind then it is up to page 28. Also, if you want the latest updates you can follow me on Twitter (@Roaether) and i tend to post a tweet minutes after the story is posted as well as the next day (for those in earlier time zones and might be asleep/AFK)

[Linky to Website]

    Expect random drawings... Sometimes a get these odd moments where i thing "dang, I want to draw something"... Follow me on twitter and I usually announce these moments and give free art (no one wants them), otherwise i just randomly draw my characters and/or random pixel animations... yup...

Personal Life
    My personal life is boring...You don't care about me...I KNOW
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Rush; do you really have to ask?..................
  • Reading: Something
  • Watching: Something else
  • Playing: GTA SA on my phone... and CoD AW too because...CoD
  • Eating: Souls
  • Drinking: Blood

Journal History


Brian D "RoÆther" Smith
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Contact me:
Skype: Briansmith136
XBOX live: Roaether

My name is Brian, although online and with my close friends I tend to go by my fursona's name RoÆther

My life story is nothing spectacular at all. I am a high school student currently in the 11th grade in the good ole city of Cincinnati, Ohio. In my free time, I can usually be found killing the masses on Xbox 360 or reading up on aircraft.

As far as my "art" life goes, I am an avid 3D modeler using Sketchup. I am also a furry artist and an aviation photographer. Although, my pride and soul goes into my online novel titled "The Great Furry War"(link below). It is a story posted page by page about, as you might have guest, furries and warfare.

3D website \/

TGFW website \/

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